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Forum Rules
« on: January 02, 2017, 09:06:44 PM »
Read these rules carefully before using this forum:
1. Do not create account with false informations. Your data is safe with us, don't be worried.
2. Do not create multiple accounts. That will cause permanent ban with your username, email and IP address.
3. Do not scam here. If we find that you are a scammer, we will flash all of your informations with the title of "Scammer".
4. Do not post malicious links, short links, spamming links. We will warn you for first time. Then, you will be banned.
5. Do not try to spam. If you find that you are spamming, we will warn you. If you do not stop, you will be banned. Everyone is welcome here to report any spamming post.
6. Do not make any shady deals or harassment messages in PM to other users.
7. No inappropriate language is allowed.
8. You can use referral links by hiding the referral part of the link. To hide your referral link, use this:
Code: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
[url=http://your_domain/referral_part]your_domain[/url]If you don not hide your referral part, your link will be removed.
9. Be polite, honest and gentle.


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