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Smiley and Sticker Codes
« on: May 03, 2017, 10:34:30 PM »
There are a lot of smileys and stickers installed in this forum. It's not possible to add all smileys to postbar so, most of them are hidden. I add new smileys almost everyday. So, I feel it's necessary to inform people about hidden smiley codes. Here is the list of current hidden smiley codes (just remove the / and it will work):


:/3 :3
x/D xD
-/_- -_-
:candy: :/candy :
:egg: :/egg :
:wine: :/wine :
:cake: :/cake:
:nice: :/nice:
:evil: :/evil:
:alien: :/alien:
:octopus: :/octopus:
:flower: :/flower:
:zzz: :/zzz:
:tool: :/tool:
:gun: :/gun:
:really: :/really:
:oo: :/oo:
:cig: :/cig:
:tea_old: :/tea_old:
lol l/ol
O0 O/0
:cat: :/cat:
:rat: :/rat:
B_B B/_B
:coffee: :/coffee:
c(_) c/(_)
yey y/ey
:eyes: :/eyes:
:clap: :/clap:
:fist: :/fist:
:ghost: :/ghost:
hahaha h/ahaha
:drink: :/drink:
<3 </3
:muscle: :/muscle:
oh no o/h no
omg o/mg
:smoke: :/smoke:
:tea: :/tea:
:roses: :/roses:
:tom: :/tom:

:wc: :/wc:


(y) (/y)
:dog: :/dog:
:angry: :/angry:
:rock: :/rock:
:dance: :/dance:
:xtom: :/xtom:
:tiger: :/tiger:
:bird: :/bird:
:batman: :/batman:
:popcorn: :/popcorn:
:bullshit: :/bullshit:
:astocat: :/astocat:


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