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Off-topic / the best investments to make money
« on: January 15, 2017, 10:14:40 AM »
At Present the risk associated with market fluctuation. the best investments to make money is currently a very big question for the investors. We can initiate any type of work in this area without a proper analysis and determination about the products and services in this field. So, it depends upon the decision making ability of the person for the same. We can get the relevant information and facts regarding the fund to blow in respective things into the market. There are so many experts opinion come to the news. We can also advice ourselves by getting the same by them for the making good and proper decision for the money to invest. The situation of objects is always in moving up and down stage so, a brave thinking is required for it. The suitability may also be considered for the benefits for individual in this respect. The industries and other firms always employ the top management group for doing the analytic work for people to go for investing and they also gives the advertisement regarding their own things to beat in the market. So, we have o consider the best by comparing the different offers by different trader with respect to fund movement. bejaia, Algeria

Off-topic / where is the best to invest your money
« on: January 15, 2017, 10:13:02 AM »
where is the best to invest your money? one with part exchange. Shares, when it became one of the preferred investment instrument. Why demand? Obviously, offer stock investment returns. In general, there are two advantages to investing in shares. As a shareholder, you are entitled to a dividend. Dividend is a compani spend money to be distributed to shareholders. The whole company which operates always have a goal to generate profit. Of course the goal is for the benefit of its shareholders. Well if these gains are not used by companies to increase their investment (retained earnings), the proceeds of such benefits can be distributed in the form of dividends. This dividend is awaited by investors because of its long-term deposit rates. This dividend distributed by agreement in GMS (general meeting of shareholders). In general, dividends are divided into two kinds of cash dividend in the form of cash that is distributed to shareholders as well as a stock dividend in the form of shares, thereby increasing the number of shares held. Second, is a capital get or the difference between the purchase price and the price jual.Capital get can be called the main advantage being pursued by traders or short-term investors. Medium dividends tend to expect long-term investors. In addition to the above two advantages, one shareholder was also still possible to get other benefits such as: - Bonus shares If getting bonus shares, these shares are usually obtained from the businness shareholders derived from the difference between the income of the price nevertheless the nominal price of these shares when doing public offerings in the primary market by a company. As for the losses that are common in stock investing is: -No Getting Dividend If a business will benefit the distribution of dividends. This also works in reverse if the company’s losses, also no dividends are distributed. Therefore, the results of which can be dividend shareholders can greatly affect the performance rather than the company itself. -Capital Loss In the stock trading, it is not all investors will obtain capital gains / profits from selling their shares. There are even times when the investor trades lower than the price when purchasing. The investor thus experienced a capital loss. In stock trading, sometimes way of avoiding a greater likelihood of bankruptcy is to sell it cheaper. is commonly known as a cut loss. -Bussiness Bankrupt and liquidated When the company went bankrupt, this will certainly have a direct impact on the shareholders. Under rules agreed exchanges, while the business in liquidation will automatically position the shareholders will be lower than the bondholders. However, if there are remaining proceeds will then be divided. -Delisting Other risks that may be encountered is when the delisting of its shares on the stock exchange. Usually this happens when the company’s own performance is very bad. for example in some time has not traded, there is a loss in a few years, no dividend continuously since several years. besides it can also delist for the purpose of going private. usually companies who do this do not want to harm the investors because the publishers buy back shares on the stock. -suspend If it does suspend on a compani’s stock by stock exchanges. And thus investors can no longer sell the shares until the part suspension is revoked. Suspend itself usually occurs during one trade, but it may also last for several . This is because the share price increases are very volatile, or the business could also disadvantaged by the creditor. Aba, Nigeria

Referrals / Huefaucet-huefaucetxyz
« on: December 29, 2016, 10:54:48 AM »
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« on: December 27, 2016, 05:00:02 PM »
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